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  • Secure, HD Cameras in Every Classroom.USDA Approved Free Meals and Snacks
  • HighReach Learning Curriculum
  • Secure Building Access
  • Kindergarten Readiness
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  • CTA Independence School
  • Basha Elementary School
  • Fulton Elementary School

Chandler Child Care Programs

Infant (6 Weeks - 12 Months)
The first year of life is critical and each infant is a unique individual with distinctive needs. The idea of babies talking and reading might sound like something from a Pixar film, but it's never too early to start building language and literacy skills.
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Toddler (12 Months- 24 Months)
Research on brain development indicates that the brains of infants and toddlers are twice as active as those of adults. By the time your child reaches the age of three, they will have become competent in at least one language, formed a sense of self, learned about basic concepts such as cause-and-effect and quantity, and developed numerous large- and small-muscle skills.
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2 Year Old (24 Months- 36 Months)
Two year old's are a busy group physically and verbally! Teachers encourage curiosity, promote play, and foster self awareness all day long. Our Ready 2 Learn program nurtures the critical relationship building that occurs at this age, supporting intellectual and social development.
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3 Year Old (Preschool)
With your child’s third birthday, the “terrible twos” are officially over! During the next year, your child will continue to mature in many areas. Sometimes so quickly, you'll want them to slow down. Especially since this is the year they will start walking without tripping over their own feet.
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4 year Old (Pre-K)
Many pre-kindergarten children attend Sunrise Preschools eager to learn. Not only is your child ready and able to answer simple questions easily and logically, but he or she has started to use that vast vocabulary to form complex phrases and sentences, allowing them to express their ideas and feelings in a more robust manner.
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About Sunrise Preschool in Chandler

Located at 4991 S Alma School Road, Sunrise preschools in Chandler provides the foundation for children to move from infancy through elementary school and beyond as confident, lifelong learners. At our schools, children are encouraged and guided in order to thrive. Our curriculum covers all areas of development, including important social and emotional skills with activities that combine learning and fun to create happy, curious kids.

Our dedicated staff and safe learning environments make our schools one of the best places to learn and grow. We are committed to fostering your child’s development alongside your family and providing a safe space for children to learn and grow within the Chandler community. Schedule a tour today to experience everything our programs have to offer!

Build a Big Career at Sunrise Preschools

At Sunrise Preschools, we offer you the opportunity to create an exciting career while helping children learn, grow, and reach their potential. Working with children is a big responsibility, but the rewards are even bigger. From the moment you join our team, you'll be given the tools and training you need to become successful. With free access to online training and education assistance to pursue your degree, we are truly committed to helping our employees grow their careers as far as their ambition takes them.

Safety Policies

General Preventative Measures

In all of our schools, we will consistently and diligently follow COVID-19 general preventative measures and we encourage you and your families to do the same.

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